Information Is The Key To Success

How would you like to be able to watch your family grow and prosper rather than be gone years or even decades too soon? That's the difference in taking care of your health sooner rather than later can make. If you know you have high cholesterol but aren't even looking at how you can lower it, you're only limiting the time you have left with your loved ones.

The difference between good and bad cholesterol levels is often the information that one does or doesn't have. You can easily reduce your "bad" cholesterol levels; in fact, you can get yours down from 190, all the way to 121. Imagine lowering your blood sugar from 140 to 108, sending your triglycerides from 200 to 122. But not everything gets lower — your "good" cholesterol could skyrocket from 40 to 56! Did you know you can enjoy great numbers like these, without having to be perfect in what you eat or how much you exercise?

You're probably feeling skeptical. After all, a lot of the claims the companies developing cholesterol-lowering drugs make simply aren't true. What you have to realize is what the methods you need are and what to avoid. You don't have to be a saint – that is, eat, exercise, or live "healthy" all the time – to add years on to your life. You just need to understand what doesn't work and stay away from them.

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Stuart Fletcher

Within years as a busy culinary chef, traveling for events and expositions, and having a very lax diet, Stuart Fletcher's doctor opened his eyes to his cholesterol problem. Through lots of research, he has forged productive habits to reduce the issue!