What Are Triglycerides?

Do you know what triglycerides are? Many of us who are suffering from high cholesterol have no idea; some never realize it before it's too late. Understanding the role that triglycerides play in your body is the key to lowering your cholesterol. The simplest way to explain triglycerides is that they are the fat in your blood; they provide energy for your body and are stored when you have extra; it's that "storage" that can quickly become a problem.

When it comes to medical "numbers," most people focus on high cholesterol and elevated blood sugar. But you should not ignore high triglycerides. If allowed to build too quickly in your body, they can lead to a fatal heart attack or stroke!

If your triglyceride level goes too high, you put your heart and your health in grave danger. That's because high triglycerides increase platelet aggregation in your arteries, substantially increasing your risk of a dangerous blood clot. They also influence the expressions of genes linked to coronary artery disease, raise the risk of heart problems threefold among those suffering from metabolic syndrome, and cause poor blood flow and impaired energy metabolism in the heart tissue.

Your body may literally be dying for you to understand some very vital facts on triglycerides. This includes knowledge about the ingredients that can help you lower them! Once you understand how to combat high triglyceride levels, you can start to take back your health and add to the total number of years you'll have to happily enjoy life, surrounded by your loved ones.

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Stuart Fletcher

A busy culinary chef who travels for events and expositions and has a very lax diet, Stuart Fletcher's doctor opened his eyes to his cholesterol problem. Through lots of research, he has forged productive habits to reduce the issue!